Counterfeit Cowgirl

Friday night was a big night for me: My first country concert.

I’m not really a country fan. Train has been my favorite band since 7th grade, I can’t do homework without Michael “Love of my Life” BublĂ©, and I am a huge, huge fan of Latin pop sensation Juanes. I can tolerate country for a while, but once they start singing about pick-up trucks, I’m gone.

The guy I saw Friday, though, has been known to cover Train songs, so I was interested. Also, my roommate is a big country fan, so I thought it might be a nice “roomie date” for us. At $15 a ticket, there wasn’t really much to lose, so we decided to go.

I was told that the more you dress for a country concert, the better it will be, so I went for it, hardcore. Plaid western shirt. Borrowed cowboy boots that are likely not going to be returned because I love them. I even matched my belt to my shoes!

The concert itself wasn’t that awesome, but I had so much fun dressing for it that it was definitely a worthwhile time. For someone who hasn’t been on anything larger than a kiddie-farm pony, I looked pretty convincing, yes? So fun.