How I got away with wearing pajamas to class

Let me just state right off that I am not a person who wears pajamas to class. I’ve never even worn sweatpants to class. I’ll do the occasional sweatshirt or t-shirt, but for the most part I try to look decent. It’s how I was raised, so I stick with it. I also think College Fashion’s Zephyr makes a really good point in her article “What to Wear to a College Class“:

Showing up to class in sweatpants not only makes you look like a slob, but it’s also disrespectful to your professor. He/she dresses nicely for class, in order to show that they take their job seriously. When you dress like you’re ready to fall asleep, it gives off the image that you really could care less about the class, which is not a good impression to make.

So, disclaimer is, the content of this post is not normal for me. But I have to say, while I’m kind of ashamed of it, I’m fairly proud of myself for pulling off, too.

Today was the day of our first big exam in my Spanish class. I don’t usually have trouble with Spanish, but because I’ve been so busy with other classes lately, I was wayyy unprepared for this exam. I stayed up til 1 a.m. studying and got up at 6:45 to study more until I had to go to a 9 a.m. study session before the exam at 10. I knew I wouldn’t have much time to get ready, so I showered before I went to sleep and let my hair air-dry. I woke up extremely tired, and grumpily decided that I was not facing my closet today. I had slept in a tank top and a sweatshirt, and, by gracious, that’s good enough to wear to class. Jeans, boots, my new scarf and some mascara and I was out the door.

I guess I don’t have super-high fashion standards, but it’s not too bad, right? It’s still the $5 Walmart crewneck I slept in, but with the tank-top layer, fitted jeans and boots, it looked much better than it would have with a pair of gymshoes. Plus, the scarf already has some gray in it, which totally worked with the sweatshirt.

So, I got away with going to class in what I slept in. I won’t do it again, but, because I’m mildly crazy, I’m happy to know that pulled it off.