How to wear Oxfords? (And a happy ‘first!’)

I’m a shameless complimenter. If I like something a stranger is wearing, I always make a point of saying so. In a restaurant? Sure. Elevator? Why not? Walking across campus? Always. Even if I’m on the phone? Yup.

I’ve been doing it for years, but I’ve never been complimented by a stranger before. Last week, it finally happened! I was walking across our campus quad, and a girl broke off her phone conversation to tell me she liked my outfit. It completely made my day — it was nice to be on the other end of something I always do.

So, the outfit. I bought a pair of Oxfords a few weeks ago, partially because I needed flat-yet-formal shoes to run around in while reporting but mostly just because I wanted a pair. Unfortunately, I did what I always do: I bought a “trendy” item, then got home and realized I had no idea how to wear it. I turned to the internet for help and came up with the outfit below.

Most of the “How to wear Oxfords” articles I read said to wear them with “feminine clothing,” to balance the menswear feel of the shoes. Doesn’t get any more feminine than a dress, right? I added a floral necklace, too, and tights for warmth. I really liked the end result — it was super comfortable, and I didn’t think it strayed too far from my usual look. I test-drove the outfit while I was home on winter break, hence the “in-my-backyard” photo, and wore it on campus for the first time last week. I’ll definitely wear this again.

Last night, I broke out the Oxfords again for a party. I was really tired of wearing jeans and boots everywhere, but it was too cold and raining for a skirt and bare legs, so I went a little crazy and tried to put together a shorts-and-tights outfit for the first time.

I had to send a picture to my sister before I actually wore this out in public (“Is this an outfit?”),  but she approved, and I was decently happy with it as well. I’d go with a fitted t-shirt in the future — this one was essential to the party’s theme — but the concept works. It was great to wear, too — I felt like I was dressed up enough to be at a party, but it was super comfortable, too.

Do you wear Oxfords? I put these outfits together, but I still mostly have no idea what to do. Let me know how you wear yours! Cheers.


Short Stories

So, remember how I hate shorts so much that I made the move to all skirts/dresses, all the time? Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

Friday, I had an assignment for work that required me to be outside and on my feet for 3 hours. It was in a setting where I would have looked stupid in a skirt, but I didn’t want to wear jeans because it was upwards of 80 degrees out. So, I found my years-old American Eagle Menswear bermudas and tossed them on with a polo and my Target wedges. I need to find new flat sandals to wear for occasions such as this — flip flops would have been too informal, but 3 hours walking around in wedges was pretty dumb. My feet were not pleased for a few days.

Shorts: American Eagle (old). Top: Old Navy. Shoes: Target.

Saturday was more time outside in the heat. I’m a marching band kid, and it was drum major audition day. Two hours inside watching the candidates conduct, two hours outside on a parking lot “learning” how to march. For summer band camp, a yearly event that normally takes place in 90+ degree weather, the standard uniform is “Wear the smallest amount of clothing possible,” which usually translates to a tank top and “cheerleader” shorts. Only acceptable in a band camp environment, right? Because it’s the off-season, and I was seeing people for the first time in months, I wanted to put in a little more effort. Still a tank top and shorts, but a little classier. I love these shorts — got them from Heritage 1981 on the recommendation of Girl’s Life, of all things. One of my best guy friends calls them my “Joseph shorts,” as in, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Super pretty daffodils outside my dorm! Pardon the trash bag.


I didn’t crop my head this way, it’s just how the picture came out, but I like it.

Shorts: Heritage 1981 (old). Tank: Old Navy.

I dislike most shorts, but I’m okay with these because they’re not *super* short. Still, I have trouble getting shorts to work — I always think the proportions are off, and they’re making my legs or my torso look short (that first outfit is particularly awful, ugh). Petite ladies, how do you avoid that? I’ve seen you guys rock shorts and look great — teach me your secrets! 🙂