My fall/winter uniform

Fun fact: I spent my first- through eighth-grade years in a uniform. Plaid skirt, polo, the works. I think that’s part of the reason I’m just starting to really think about clothes: I went through grade school wearing the same thing every day, then high school trying to wear something different every day, and now that I’ve figured that out, I can try to actually look decent every day.

But, I’ve come to realize, having a uniform was a pretty handy thing. Life’s always busy, and any day when I have to make one fewer decision is a good day. On days when I don’t feel like thinking too hard about what to wear, I turn to my favorite standby: my American Eagle cable-knit v-neck sweaters.

I don’t remember which one I got first, or when I got it, but these days I have five. The striped one is the newest; the purple one is my favorite. The colors and necklines change a little year to year, but one thing never changes: They’re honestly perfect for every single occasion. I’ve worn them with Chucks to class, with black slacks and heels to work, with skinny jeans and knee high boots for just about everything else. They work with scarves. Short necklaces. Long necklaces. Tank tops. T-shirts. Skirts. Seriously, I can’t get enough of them.

I’m cheating with the outfit photo below, because I’m wearing a Tommy Hilfiger version that I “stole” from my mom, but it’s basically the same thing. How many times have I wore variations on this outfit in the past two weeks? Seeing as only the solid blue one is clean right now, looks like five. I’m sure if you read back on this blog to last winter, you’ll see them several times. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

Sorry for the horrendous Photoshop abuse. Sunshine + snow = death of my camera.

So if I go multiple days without an outfit post, you all can probably safely assume it’s because I’ve fallen into my uniform trap and I’m too embarrassed to admit it πŸ˜‰ Cheers.


Sweet Home Chicago! Skating in the City.

I’ve been to a lot of cities in the past year, and lived in a few states, but today, my first day in the city since May, made it clear to me that I am forever a Chicago girl. I grew up in the suburbs, but my parents have taken me downtown from a very young age, and I worked there a few summers ago, so I feel like it’s my city.

I didn’t get many good pics today, because I was with a friend and we were mostly just walking and talking, and we didn’t really get out by the lake, which is where the best pictures are taken. Next time.

Millennium Park's Cloud Gate, commonly known as "The Bean."

Millennium Park Amphitheatre

Awkward corner of the Skyline, taken from Buckingham Fountain. The tall, silver-blue, roundish one in the middle-back is Trump Tower.

Our main activity today: Ice skating! I’m a terrible skater; I think the last time I skated was at least four years ago, and I only went a few times before then. You’d think that the ten years of ballet I took in grade school would have given me good enough balance to skate well, but nope. Not good. Today wasn’t all my fault, though β€” it was a bit too warm, so the ice didn’t hold up well. Even my friend, who played ice hockey growing up and actually could skate, had trouble. Oh well. It was still a fun day! Cheers.

Sweater: Gap (old). Scarf: My university bookstore, oddly enough. Jeans: L.E.I. (old). Skates: Chicago Park District πŸ™‚

How-To: A different way to tie a scarf

First of all, remember how less than a month ago I was afraid of scarves and avoided them, and the first time I wore one was a HUGE DEAL? Look at me. Now I’m wearing scarfs on my lazy days and writing tutorial posts. Cheers.

Anyway, a few of you have commented on the funky way I tie scarves. I’ll tell you right away that I didn’t come up with it on my own β€” my roommate showed me, and an old lady at a mall kiosk showed her. But it’s pretty cool looking, and deceptively easy. Ready to learn?

This is what the final tie looks like. Step-by-step instructions after the cut. More

Day 10 β€” Petite in Pink

Today was day 10 of the Color Rotation Challenge β€” pink instead of red because I messed up yesterday β€” but also the day of my first Petite Fashion Challenge. Cheers!

I love the Petite Blogger community, because they’re all extremely stylish women who are as tall as or even shorter than me. I’ve struggled with being 4’11” for a while, but these ladies rock it, and they all inspire me.

The challenge was to “dress up your jeans and tee.” Easy enough. Started with a basic Old Navy T β€” hot pink, XS β€” and pair of my favorite Old Navy skinny jeans. I have always been totally in love with Old Navy’s t-shirts, because they’re cheap and comfortable and come in a ton of colors. I’m a little concerned about how this one looks super tight in the chest area, but I just bought it and they always stretch, so it should be okay.

For the dressed-up version, I added my other wardrobe staple: my black Target cardigan. I feel like I cheated at this challenge because it’s really my basic uniform, as a college kid: jeans, t-shirt, cardigan. I went a little out-of-habit by wearing a scarf instead of a necklace, so that’s a good thing, and I finished it off with my favorite black boots.

Sorry I’m kind of late to the challenge β€” I ended up traveling home for spring break today and didn’t have WiFi access! Better late than never. If you’re new, checking out my blog through the challenge, hope you stick around! It’s a good time.

Also, a heads-up to my Color Rotation friends: Because I am home on spring break and have a limited wardrobe, I might be mixing up the rotation. If I have to dress nice and I only have a casual yellow outfit, I might swap those days. Bear with me! The important thing will be, I will still wear a different color every day, which is the real thing I’m getting out of this challenge. I’m breaking out of my black-white-gray-blue standard.

Day 1 β€” Pink Party

In case you missed it, yesterday I posted that I’m participating in the Color Rotation Challenge, hosted by Colleen from Scrap and Run. It’s the perfect challenge for me: Wear whatever color is the established color for that day. Brilliant. Simple and easy to follow, but still fun, because you’re still doing it with a bunch of other people.

Today was day one, pink. I have plenty of cute pink things to wear: dresses, skirts, what have you. But, sadly, some of the snow from yesterday was still hanging around, so I ended up dragging out a sweater again. I told you I have the same American Eagle sweater in four colors… bet you didn’t expect to see it two days in a row, did you? Hot pink this time.

I know I wore almost this same outfit yesterday, but it works for our weather. Yesterday, it was warm enough to keep me from freezing in the snow; today, it was still warm but light enough that I could go without an actual coat. The shoes were a bad call; I wasn’t in the mood for boots, so I went with my 4-year-old casual Sketcher things. I figured I would be okay because the snow is mostly gone; I forgot that melting snow causes puddles. Wet feet!

And, because I have to point it out, look at my scarf! Look at me wearing scarves two days in a row! I am getting the hang of this, guys. Hardcore.

It’s light and gauzy and springy and I love it. Plus? It was only $5 at Walmart. Can’t beat that.

So, day one, success. I wish it could have been springier, but I think I kept it bright and floral enough to work for March. Next time, a dress.

I Broke the Weather.

So, remember how two days ago I posted that it was basically summer?

I woke up to snow today. This was my world.

My friends insist it’s my fault; I jinxed things by packing away my winter clothes and pulling out my capris and sandals. So sad.

Anyway, I had to crawl under my bed to dig out my sweaters for one last wear (PLEASE NO MORE). I have the same American Eagle sweater in four different colors, but the purple is my favorite by far. Basic gray cami and my favorite skinny jeans. Rainbow socks are not my usual choice in footwear β€” I was wearing purple argyle ones under my gray boots, but I had the unpleasant moment of “Surprise! We are not waterproof boots!” this morning, so the socks had to be changed.

And, look! A SCARF. I am a scarf pro now. Fun fact: I actually got this scarf two years ago, but I shoved it to the back of my closet and left it there because I didn’t know what to do with it. I hid it so I wouldn’t have to look at it and be reminded of my scarf incompetence. Wearing it today was a huge personal victory (and so, so warm. I will never go another winter without scarves.).

Tomorrow is supposed to be 50, and we’re supposed to hit 70 on Wednesday. Brace yourself, folks β€” with all this weather flip-floppy nonsense, my bi-annual season-change cold should be hitting soon. Can’t wait.

How I got away with wearing pajamas to class

Let me just state right off that I am not a person who wears pajamas to class. I’ve never even worn sweatpants to class. I’ll do the occasional sweatshirt or t-shirt, but for the most part I try to look decent. It’s how I was raised, so I stick with it. I also think College Fashion’s Zephyr makes a really good point in her article “What to Wear to a College Class“:

Showing up to class in sweatpants not only makes you look like a slob, but it’s also disrespectful to your professor. He/she dresses nicely for class, in order to show that they take their job seriously. When you dress like you’re ready to fall asleep, it gives off the image that you really could care less about the class, which is not a good impression to make.

So, disclaimer is, the content of this post is not normal for me. But I have to say, while I’m kind of ashamed of it, I’m fairly proud of myself for pulling off, too.

Today was the day of our first big exam in my Spanish class. I don’t usually have trouble with Spanish, but because I’ve been so busy with other classes lately, I was wayyy unprepared for this exam. I stayed up til 1 a.m. studying and got up at 6:45 to study more until I had to go to a 9 a.m. study session before the exam at 10. I knew I wouldn’t have much time to get ready, so I showered before I went to sleep and let my hair air-dry. I woke up extremely tired, and grumpily decided that I was not facing my closet today. I had slept in a tank top and a sweatshirt, and, by gracious, that’s good enough to wear to class. Jeans, boots, my new scarf and some mascara and I was out the door.

I guess I don’t have super-high fashion standards, but it’s not too bad, right? It’s still the $5 Walmart crewneck I slept in, but with the tank-top layer, fitted jeans and boots, it looked much better than it would have with a pair of gymshoes. Plus, the scarf already has some gray in it, which totally worked with the sweatshirt.

So, I got away with going to class in what I slept in. I won’t do it again, but, because I’m mildly crazy, I’m happy to know that pulled it off.


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