Time machine

I got dressed in a hurry today, just throwing on a cardigan over the first semi-decent shirt I grabbed. At some point in the day, though, I thought about the shirt I was wearing and laughed when I realized it’s one of the oldest shirts I own.

I am not entirely positive, but I’m pretty sure I bought it back in eighth grade, when Hollister was just starting to get popular and everyone wanted to be wearing their clothes. I don’t remember what made me choose it at the time, and I don’t think I wore it much for the first several years I had it, either. It’s grown on me lately, though — it’s simple, but I like the color and the detail around the neckline.

Having the same item of clothing for seven years is not remarkable if you’re an adult buying quality, investment items, but when you’re still wearing a $20 Hollister shirt that you bought at 14 when you’re a few weeks shy of your 21st birthday, it’s amusing.

I only have photos from college on my laptop, so I couldn’t find any really old pictures of this shirt, but I made the even funnier discovery that I actually wore it the day I moved into college as a freshman.

One shirt, two totally different looks. Then: Lace cami, short shorts, flip flops. Now: Cardigan, jeans, wedges. My favorite part? Aside from having grown out my bangs, my hair is pretty much the same. Love it. Cheers.


Shoe repairman appreciation post

Remember how I was so happy to get my Missoni for Target flats, but sad to find that the soles had nearly worn through after three days of wear?

There’s a shoe repair place right across from where I work, and the man there is probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He fixed a pair of sandals for me last spring and did a great job for a low price, and I guessed he could do the same for my flats. And he totally did! For $20, he replaced the “leather,” aka cardboard, sole with a new rubber one. He also replaced the half-cardboard-half-rubber heel with a full rubber one, for free. They look so much better, and I know they’ll last.

I read a lot of fashion blogs, and I see a lot of posts in which people express their appreciation for their tailors, but I’ve never seen anyone give their shoe repairman any love. Part of this could be because people don’t get their shoes repaired often; I’ve only done it twice. But seriously, if you can find someone who does good work, it’s definitely worth it.

And if you find one as nice as mine, bonus. I dropped off the shoes last Friday and was told they’d be ready a week later, but I was already in the area so stopped in today to see if they were done. I didn’t even have to tell the guy behind the counter what my name was — “my” man had seen me walk in and came over with my shoes! He remembered who I was after meeting me only once or twice before. People like that are special. Treasure them. Cheers.

In the Works

This is a tricky time of year for me. I’m two weeks away from spring break, finally, but the two weeks might possibly kill me. Three big projects, one ridiculous class, the constant fight to maintain my sanity.

This blog is one of the methods of escape I have. Some people run or journal or drink themselves silly to keep going; I eat cookies and climb rocks and now occasionally blog. It’s so far removed from what I do and focus on in my actual life that I feel like I’m being someone else for a while.

In addition to keeping up this blog, I’m embarking on two other ‘personal’ projects for the next few weeks. I’m filling you in, hoping that it will give me a reason to stick to them. Can’t tell you I failed, can I? More

Grammar and Style: A Manifesto

Hello beautiful people,

Welcome to Grammar and Style, the fashion blog by a girl whose life is more grammar than glamour.

I’ll tell you up front that I am not, by any means, a fashion expert. If you are here looking for something fancy, I’m sorry to let you down. That’s not really something that I’m capable of.

But do you want some basic tips? Do you just not feel like deciding what to wear today and want someone to tell you? Do you want to see outfits that you don’t need to be stylish to wear? Then come on in. Let’s have a good time.

Like I said, I’m no fashion pro. I spent nine years rocking the plaid skirt and polo uniform day in and day out. When I hit high school, I was so thrilled to be out of a uniform that I wore jeans and hoodies for most of my freshman year. I didn’t learn how to wear eyeliner properly until I was 18.

Still, though, I manage to look put-together. My roommate once told me, “When I get dressed, I think, ‘Well, I have a top and a bottom.’ But you always manage to look like you’re wearing an outfit!” That’s kind of what I aim for. I don’t know how to toss on six layers and four necklaces and knee-high socks and not look like I am very confused, but I’m pretty good at managing the basics.

Over my winter break, I decided I wanted to try to learn more about ‘style’ proper. I spent a lot of time browsing fashion blogs, looking for help, but I didn’t find much that I could use in my everyday life. Cheaper versions of runway outfits are cool, but do you have any outfits I can wear to class? I don’t know if I can handle mixing patterns, can you teach me new ways to wear the patterns I have?

I was required to start a blog for a class back in January, and I found that it was way easier than I thought it would be. So, with my newfound ability to blog and my desire to have a fashion blog I could use, I decided to start Grammar and Style.

Why Grammar and Style? I spent two weeks trying to come up with a name, but the second I thought of Grammar and Style I knew it was perfect. “Glamour and Style” would be a great fashion blog, but “Grammar and Style” so very well suits who I am. I am not a fashionista; I am a copy editor. My life revolves around punctuation, not accessories. Grammar and style are the two things writers and editors always worry about, so I thought, why not? Why not take those two words that I live by and tweak them so the “style” stands for putting your clothes together the right way instead of putting your words together the right way?

I think there are two main types of people who read fashion blogs: People who know nothing about fashion and people who know everything about fashion.

To those of you who know nothing: Awesome, me too. We’re about on the same level, so you should be able to look at what I do and do nearly the same thing with whatever is in your closet. Do you need help with something? Drop me a message and I’ll do what I can to help you out.

To those of you who know everything: Please, stick around and help the rest of us learn. I’m occasionally going to post things along the lines of, “Okay, I know this is a big thing, but HOW DO I WEAR IT?” “I wore this atrocious outfit today, how do I make it better?” I am open to anything and everything you have to say.

Blogging is the next big thing because it’s a conversation. I’m not going to lecture at you about style; I’m just going to show you what I’m doing, and you can take from or add to it however you please. Let’s just have fun, yes? Good.

PS. I know we want to be friends. However, I do not have the luxury of having a common name I can use on the Internet and go undetected. If I put my name on here, my professors find out that I’m less boring than I pretend to be. We can’t have that, can we? So for now I’m going with MG (for M. Grammarystyle, of course) because I’m awful at coming up with nicknames for myself. I’ll leave that in your hands.

PPS. “Wait, why grammarystyle?” grammarandstyle was taken, okay? I’m a Spanish major. grammarystyle was the natural next option.