Apparently, I want to be a kindergarten teacher now.

Not saying that’s a bad thing! Kindergarten teachers are wonderful. I loved mine. Just saying, I don’t think I should aspire to dress like one.

But, that’s kind of what I did Monday. It was a ridiculous day, starting with a fire alarm just as I was waking up at 7:45. We ended up outside in our pajamas, so, naturally, I was cold, and assumed it was going to be a cold day. Hence, the shameful return to pants after days of skirts. A girl in my Spanish class actually looked at me, totally shocked, and said, “You’re wearing pants!” Love it.

I also heard it was going to rain, and I only have 3 pairs of waterproof shoes: black boots, rain boots and Pumas. I wasn’t feeling the boots — not giving in to cold weather! — so I went with the Pumas. But I think they’re what really took the outfit into kindergarten territory. I still love the argyle sweater and its bright colors, but, to me, bright colors + gymshoes = you’re running around with kids all day.

Also, hanging around in bushes with a blurred face kind of makes me look like a creeper, right? Always something I aim for.

So, I ask you: What can I do with this sweater to make it work? I thought about putting it with a denim skirt, but then I might go from “works with children” to “is a child.” I don’t regret buying it, because it cost about $4 at Goodwill, but the actual wearing of it kind of baffles me. Help!

PS — Shameless photo appreciation moment: I took these super-awkwardly in a public place, doing the whole backpack/trashcan/ground tripod thing again. And yet, look at those photos! Look how one has me on the right, and the other on the left! And I love that bottom photo to pieces. Don’t you love it when you totally wing something and it comes out great?