Circles and stripes

No outfit photo for Tuesday, because it was “one of those days” and I was too tired to even take a bad auto-timed photo of myself. You ever have those days? I’m talking “Sat in my bed to talk to Dad on the phone and promptly passed out for 1.5 hours, fully dressed, with all the the lights on” tired.

It did the cold-and-rainy thing again today, which is getting pretty old, Missouri, so cut that out. I just wore jeans and boots and one of my flannel-ish shirts in an attempt to be warm under my light raincoat.

The only notable thing I did today was accessorize my flannel with one of my nicer necklaces. I spotted it hanging with my other necklaces on my way out the door and thought, why not? It’s a little weird, but I like the contrast of the round chain necklace against the straight lines of the plaid shirt. Cheers.


By the Book

Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been preoccupied with events including foot injury, friends visiting from out of town and, most importantly, this: a new book by my favorite author.

Look, I even left half my face un-blurred so you can see my joy.

The Fault in Our Stars,” by John Green, came out Tuesday, after much anticipation. I read it in about six hours, and in the final hour I cried no fewer than five times. It’s a sad but beautiful book; a book about teens facing cancer, but also a love story between teens facing cancer, and a book about family, and heroism and courage, and so much more. John’s been my favorite author for about four years now, and he has never disappointed. I strongly encourage you to read this book, or any of his other ones.

I grew up dressing up for Harry Potter release parties, Gryffindor robe and all, so I felt like I needed to dress up for “The Fault in Our Stars.” Lame, right? But there you go. Blue and black and white. If I had planned better, I would have accessorized yellow or gold, too, but this is as far as I went.

Also, I’ve totally dressed to match a John Green book before. His first book, “Looking for Alaska,” is my favorite book, hands down. When I spotted a shirt on American Eagle’s website that reminded me of its cover, I bought it without a moment’s hesitation.

Oh, and if you’ve ever noticed that my toenails are nearly always painted blue? That’s a nod to “Looking for Alaska,” too. The “Alaska” in the title is a character, not the state, and one of the few physical descriptors of her included in the book is of her electric blue toenails. Yes, I’m a nerd, but I’m a proud one. Cheers, and, as John often says, thanks for being awesome.

Dressed-up Plaid

I haven’t outfit-posted in a few days because I’ve been sticking to basic gym-shoe-accommodating things in hopes of getting my somehow-injured foot back in shape. Today I reached the foot-injury stage of, “Well, this is going to hurt no matter what shoes I wear, so I might as well wear shoes I like.” So, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I bought two button-up plaid shirts at Old Navy last week, and they’re just perfect for winter — warm without being bulky. I’m not sure if they’re flannel or what (the receipt says flannel, but it’s debatable), but they’re great. The shirt’s cheap ($15-ish, depending on the sale you get — I couldn’t find them online, sorry!) and available in about a billion colors, and it fits really well, too! I also appreciate that the sleeves stay rolled up when you roll them, because I typically push my sleeves up to my elbows, anyway.

Yup, we've got saloon doors in my basement. You're jealous.

I’m so hooked on the skirt/tights/boots combo. I skipped my brown boots in favor of gray ones to avoid looking too cowgirl, which was probably a good call, and dressed up the whole thing by keeping my hair and earrings nice. I love this look — you’ll see this again soon. Cheers.

Shirt: Old Navy flannel something? sz XS. Still in stores, but not so much online; similar here. Skirt: Old Navy (old). Tank: Old Navy (old). Tights: Target. Boots: Payless, old, but similar here.