Pantsless Pattern

(Ridiculous title. But you know what? Bet you anything I end up with a ton of views on it. Because that’s how the internet works.)

The weather here has been so beautiful lately! Today was only 60 or so, but still. Once we get to weather this nice, I don’t wear pants. I don’t remember if I’ve told you this yet (probably already did, but my memory is awful, so forgive me), but I mostly gave up pants last summer. I worked a job that required me to wear full-length khakis outside from 9 to 4 in 80 degree weather. So, on my days off, no pants. No shorts, because I hate my thighs. Dresses or skirts, always.

It’s hard to pull off in a college setting, where half the world just wears their pajamas. “What are you dressed up for?” people ask. No reason. Just like it.

I think I’m back on track with the Color Rotation, and if I’m correct, today was a pattern day. I always feel a little guilty about pattern day because it’s not a challenge for me — I wear them all the time. I have striped shirts, and patterned dresses, but I thought I’d go with one of my many patterned skirts instead. This is one of my favorite skirts, another one of those love-at-first-sight buys. I nearly always pair it with a blue cami and a cardigan, but I’ve also done it with a plain black T or with a black tank over a blue cami. I love, love, love patterned skirts with black in the color scheme, because you can style them a billion different ways. I will make a post about this at some point.

In honor of another beautiful day, I managed some more outdoor pics. I took a risk and snapped these shots right across the street from where I work — hope no one looked out a window and saw me frolicking through the trees, taking awkward photos while using my backpack as a tripod. Back to the blurred face, because I forgot my sunglasses, but I think it’s a good look, anyway. Isn’t there some scary movie where people lose their faces? Or an episode of Doctor Who? I don’t know. I don’t hate it.

Skirt, Shoes: Forever 21. Cardigan, Cami: Kohl’s. Nothing recent.


Pleasantly Purple

I think it was a purple day, yes? Either way, I took advantage of the beautiful weather to wear one of the skirts I bought over break. I’m treating you to pictures in one of the prettier places on campus, and, because I’m wearing obscenely obnoxious sunglasses, I’m not even going to bother blurring my face out. (I’m making ugly/disinterested faces, because I was planning to crop them, but still.) I’m in a good mood.

I love, love, love this skirt. It’s the perfect length, long enough for work but short enough to still be flouncy. Though it did do a full-out Marilyn Monroe on me twice, which was not so cool. I’m glad I found the jacket, too, because it worked great with the skirt — so much cuter than the white cardigan I originally tried with it.

Jacket: Gap Cropped Denim Jacket, XS Tank: Old Navy Perfect Rib-Knit Tank, XS Skirt: Forever 21, S (cannot find online! but it’s recent so should still be in stores.) Shoes: Target, 5 1/2 (again, cannot find but recent!)

See how much I love you guys? I took pictures on auto-timer in public. Love it.

Day 11 — Struggles with Orange

I like orange. Really, I do. It’s just that orange, like the scarf, is something that somewhat baffles me, so I avoid it. I actually skipped it the first time through the rotation. Second time, I had to do it.

I only own three orange items: a cami, a tank top and a t-shirt. Exciting, right? I decided to go with the tank top today, because I didn’t pack the cami and it wasn’t warm enough to wear a t-shirt on its own. I have a scarf with orange, so I thought about wearing that, but I decided on my long gold necklace instead — it didn’t feel like a scarf day.

Then came the real challenge: the cardigan. I have the same cropped Kohl’s cardigan in both white and black, and I couldn’t decide which one to wear. I like the black one better — I thought it looked nice with the gold of the necklace, and would go better with my black shoes — but it just felt so wrong, so unforgivably Halloween-ish.

I debated for about half an hour, walking around my house and changing back and forth, asking some people for opinions, too. In the end, peer pressure won — several people said BLACK AND ORANGE IS NOT OKAY OTHER THAN ON HALLOWEEN — and I went with the white one. I was less happy in it, but I didn’t want to risk looking like I forgot what month it is. So sad. What do you think? Is it ever okay to wear black and orange? How can I pull that off?

Like I said yesterday, I’m a bit limited for the next few days because I only have the clothes I packed for break. I was so confused by orange that I actually Googled “what to wear with orange,” just to see what it would suggest. I found this blog post, which, crazily enough, was posted today on “Young Sophisticates.” It suggests wearing orange with hot pink, a color that I am familiar with. So, next time orange comes around, I’m giving that a try.

PS — Look! Pictures in front of something other than a white wall! Now that I’m home for break, in an actual house, we have more options for backdrops. Being a “secret blogger” means I might have some trouble sneaking around taking pictures without my family finding out, but I’ll do what I can.

Day 10 — Petite in Pink

Today was day 10 of the Color Rotation Challenge — pink instead of red because I messed up yesterday — but also the day of my first Petite Fashion Challenge. Cheers!

I love the Petite Blogger community, because they’re all extremely stylish women who are as tall as or even shorter than me. I’ve struggled with being 4’11” for a while, but these ladies rock it, and they all inspire me.

The challenge was to “dress up your jeans and tee.” Easy enough. Started with a basic Old Navy T — hot pink, XS — and pair of my favorite Old Navy skinny jeans. I have always been totally in love with Old Navy’s t-shirts, because they’re cheap and comfortable and come in a ton of colors. I’m a little concerned about how this one looks super tight in the chest area, but I just bought it and they always stretch, so it should be okay.

For the dressed-up version, I added my other wardrobe staple: my black Target cardigan. I feel like I cheated at this challenge because it’s really my basic uniform, as a college kid: jeans, t-shirt, cardigan. I went a little out-of-habit by wearing a scarf instead of a necklace, so that’s a good thing, and I finished it off with my favorite black boots.

Sorry I’m kind of late to the challenge — I ended up traveling home for spring break today and didn’t have WiFi access! Better late than never. If you’re new, checking out my blog through the challenge, hope you stick around! It’s a good time.

Also, a heads-up to my Color Rotation friends: Because I am home on spring break and have a limited wardrobe, I might be mixing up the rotation. If I have to dress nice and I only have a casual yellow outfit, I might swap those days. Bear with me! The important thing will be, I will still wear a different color every day, which is the real thing I’m getting out of this challenge. I’m breaking out of my black-white-gray-blue standard.

Day 9 — Whoops! Red.

So, I knew today was the first day of rotation 2, because yesterday was pattern day. But, I forgot that we’re supposed to start with pink, and I wore red, because in my brain red is always the first color. Whoops!

I stuck with my stubborn mission to not wear pants on non-rainy days, but I should probably amend that to “no pants on non-rainy and non-windy days.” I had a few close calls.

I’ve had the red sweater for a long time — probably since the beginning of high school. I found a hole in it today, but I’ll most likely keep wearing it anyway. Who really cares, right? The skirt is one of my Old Navy purchases from a few weeks back — a dark-wash chambray with a super cute braided drawstring-type thing. I love that it’s the perfect length — not unattractively long, but still appropriate to wear to school. I’ve always loved the combo of red, white and denim, because I guess some part of me is just a cheesy Midwestern Americana-loving girl.

At least I skipped the red flip-flops and dressed it up with my gold-ish gladiators, a $5 clearance find from Walmart last year. Pro. You can’t tell, but I’m also wearing a necklace with a bitty gold key. I found it at Forever 21 in late February and had to buy it — lock/key jewelry is one of my trademarks (the other? blue toenails. always.). I’ll get a detail shot next time I wear it.

I really like the arrows Colleen’s doing on Scrap and Run now, pointing to each item and saying where it’s from. I don’t have Photoshop, but I think I’m tech-savvy enough to find a way to pull it off. What do you think? Should I give that a try?

Day 8 — Pattern Puff

I think my titles get worse every day. Seriously.

Anyway, I managed to stay on track with the Color Rotation Challenge today! I wasn’t sure if I’d have a “professional” looking pattern to wear to class/work, but I found one!

This cardigan was the very definition of an impulse buy. I was checking my e-mail before my 8 a.m. class and saw that Forever 21 was having a LIMITED TIME ONE DAY ONLY SALE, so I took a look, saw this cardigan for something absurd like $6 and bought it. I didn’t like it at first — I thought the sleeves were super puffy — so I didn’t wear it for several months. Hence, the creation of my “No spending between midnight and 10 a.m.” rule. But, it grew on me. I thought it would work nicely for my professional pattern day.

The sleeves are still huge, but they looked a little better with my hair down than with it up. Don’t know why, but it worked out that way. Kept everything else plain — black pants, wedges, no jewelry — to balance the crazy cardigan. I thought it looked nice.

I’ve worn this twice now, and both times with a black tank and black pants. How else can I wear it? How can I dress it down?

Sorry for the late post, it was a crazy day. I am so very much ready for spring break — heading home tomorrow!

Day 7 — Practically Purple

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day here. 77 and sunny. On a day like that, you can’t not wear a dress, right?

Lest you think I live in an ugly area where I can’t find a more photogenic place to take pictures than in front of my gray lounge wall, I thought I would take advantage of the beautiful day and get you an outdoor shot. It took some lying — my classmate now thinks I’m doing an outfit photo swap with my out-of-state best friend — but I got it. Look at my scary blurred-out face! I did it partially because I’m internet-paranoid, but also because it was sunny and my face came out gross anyway.

Pretty, isn’t it? That’s next to a creek that runs through a park across from where I work. It’s not exactly the shot I had in mind, but I couldn’t exactly say, “Sorry, I really wanted a shot of the creek to put on my secret fashion blog, can you do it again?” I’m going to work on alternate ways to get pictures so I can do things like this more often.

Anyway, the outfit. I do have a purple-purple dress, but it’s casual and I had to work today. So I went with one that was a little more nice but a little less purple. It’s magenta, my friends tell me, which is close enough. I’ve had this one for several years — a standard cheap Forever 21 buy — but it’s one of my favorites. I love the length, and it has a tie-waist, which is something I always look for in a dress because it actually makes me look like I have curves. Miracle. Stay tuned: You’ll be seeing very similar dresses in black and blue in the weeks ahead.

It’s a sleeveless dress, so for class/work, I threw a black cropped cardigan over it and paired it with my favorite black strappy sandals.

Once I got out of class, though, I went to the look that’s more represented of my warm-weather clothing philosophy: Dress? Always. Shoes? Never. Some people think walking across campus barefoot is gross; I think that shoes should be avoided whenever possible. I like the idea of shoes, they’re cool and all, but given the choice, I’ll always choose barefoot.

Now that the weather’s starting to get nice, I’m pretty much giving up pants. My job last summer entailed 9-hour shifts in full-length khakis in 90 degree weather, so I wore nothing but skirts and dresses on my days off. I love dresses and skirts — they’re easy and pretty and comfortable, and so much more flattering on my legs than shorts are — and so I’m going to wear them as much as possible. If it’s raining, fine, pants, but I’m going to aim for 90% pantsless. Cheers.

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