Pants day :( But plenty of pretty pictures!

Starting tomorrow, about 20 girls at my school are going to attempt to go pants-free for as long as they can, ideally until the semester ends on May 13. One of my good friends (and style inspirations!) did it as a personal project last year, and this year she decided to spread it to the rest of us. I’m excited! I have been going mostly pantsless for a few weeks now, anyway, so it shouldn’t be super challenging.

But, because that starts tomorrow, I didn’t want to waste a skirt or dress today. So, because it was hot out but I still needed to look decent for work-related activities, I went with dark-wash capris and a polo. Not an exciting outfit, for sure, so I tried to take interesting pictures to make up for it.

For some reason, I was really feeling an alley shot. Maybe because it was the first time I’ve worn black in a long time? (Thanks for that, Colleen!) Maybe because I’ve been taking so many sunshiney pictures? I don’t know. But, miracle of miracles, I managed to find an alley.

Unfortunately, backpack tripod and I only got one picture before I noticed the sign that said “Private Alley: No Trespassing!” Whoops. So, we ventured to park in a different part of town that I remembered from last year but hadn’t seen in a while. Turns out it’s really pretty this time of year — flowering trees, water in the creek, sunshine. And a bridge, because I take a lot of bridge pictures.

Pretty, right? I’ll definitely be re-using this location. That’s one of the great things that’s come out of this blog so far — it’s taught me to keep an eye out for the beauty in my town. Now that I’m paying attention and looking for it, I’m realizing there’s a lot of it here! Cheers.

PS — What do you think of the sandals I’m wearing in these? I know they have chunky ankle straps, which is generally a no-no for us petite women, but I love them to death and I can’t bring myself to not wear them.