Remixing: School day to school board

Today was a difficult day to get dressed: I had to sit through a day of classes then attend a local school board meeting on a work assignment, all with an inch or so of snow on the ground and even more in the air. How to go from put-together casual to professional with minimal effort? My solution: A basic top and sweet accessories. Just a plain Forever 21 black turtleneck sweater, with a super pretty, multi-strand, multi-color New York and Company necklace and matching earrings.

The outfits:

For the school day, skinny jeans and my favorite black boots, which are not as waterproof as I would like but still functional.

For the school board meeting, Banana Republic slacks and my favorite black wedges (heels would have worked better with the slacks, but, again, snow). I also swapped the big, colorful earrings for plain studs.

I loved both looks today — neither was complicated, but both looked sharp and pulled together, which is impressive on snow days, when half the campus is in sweats — or, worse, leggings as pants — and rainboots. Cheers.


Day 8 — Pattern Puff

I think my titles get worse every day. Seriously.

Anyway, I managed to stay on track with the Color Rotation Challenge today! I wasn’t sure if I’d have a “professional” looking pattern to wear to class/work, but I found one!

This cardigan was the very definition of an impulse buy. I was checking my e-mail before my 8 a.m. class and saw that Forever 21 was having a LIMITED TIME ONE DAY ONLY SALE, so I took a look, saw this cardigan for something absurd like $6 and bought it. I didn’t like it at first — I thought the sleeves were super puffy — so I didn’t wear it for several months. Hence, the creation of my “No spending between midnight and 10 a.m.” rule. But, it grew on me. I thought it would work nicely for my professional pattern day.

The sleeves are still huge, but they looked a little better with my hair down than with it up. Don’t know why, but it worked out that way. Kept everything else plain — black pants, wedges, no jewelry — to balance the crazy cardigan. I thought it looked nice.

I’ve worn this twice now, and both times with a black tank and black pants. How else can I wear it? How can I dress it down?

Sorry for the late post, it was a crazy day. I am so very much ready for spring break — heading home tomorrow!

Tiny Find: Old Navy’s Skinny Cropped Pants

I know there’s a serious niche out there for petite fashion blogs. I’m 4’11”, size 0, so those blogs have a special place in my heart — I read them pretty often. I wouldn’t try to start one of my own, because so many others are already doing it so well — I love Alterations Needed, Extra Petite and Stylepint.

But still, once in a while, I’m going to find something that makes me really happy as a small person, and I’m going to post about it. It is so, so rare for me to find pants that fit perfectly without needing to be shrunk or shortened, so when I do, like I did today, it’s an exciting event.

Today’s find is Old Navy’s Skinny Cropped Pants. I grabbed a pair because I saw “cropped” and thought they might be close to decent — Old Navy’s pants are usually too long on me, but short enough that I can get away with rolling or cuffing them. When I tried these on, I almost fell over. They are, without exaggeration, a perfect fit.

They’re decent, wear-to-work material, and they come in black and gray. The leg is nicely fitted, not too tight but not baggy, and they’re just the right length to wear with flats. Plus, at $35 and no need to blow an extra $10 on alterations, they’re a steal. I might go back and buy another pair.

For your benefit, front and back views here. Sorry for the wonky alignment, the low photo quality and the wrinkly pants, but you get the idea.


ABC (Argyle. Black. Classy.)

(Wow, is that the dumbest name for a post you’ve ever seen? I can’t help myself sometimes. I know there is a line between witty and lame, but I don’t know where it is, so I cross it frequently.)

For one of my classes, I have to get legitimately dressed up every other Tuesday. It’s March now, so I had been hoping to wear a dress today, but I woke up to a cold, gross, rainy day. So, pants and a sweater.

I couldn’t bring myself to wear a heavy sweater, so I stuck with a lighter, cropped one. This gray argyle cardigan is of my favorite sweaters — I wore it for my high school senior pictures! I love argyle, but I own very few actual pieces of argyle clothing (though I’m fairly sure I have argyle socks in every color!). This cardigan cute and flattering and works with a basic black tank top and black slacks or jeans. Dress up, dress down.

I found these wedges at Payless over winter break and loved them so much that I bought them in black and brown. They’re great because they give you the height of heels — always nice when you’re 4’11” — but not impossible to walk miles across campus in.

I’ve worn this outfit before, but I’m never sure: Does the black-on-black of the tank and the slacks work, especially with the gray sweater on top? Would you suggest a colored tank top instead?