Late to Breakfast (at Tiffany’s!)

I’ve been late to the party on a lot of movies. I didn’t see “Titanic” until 2006; I didn’t see “Lord of the Rings” until weeks before “Return of the King” came out; I still haven’t seen the complete “Star Wars” series. Since I got my Netflix account a year ago, though, I’ve been trying to fill some of the holes in my “movie education.”

Here at school, every other girl in the dorms has a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” poster. Two of my three roommates have them! After 2.5 years of looking at her pearls, updo, sunglasses, tiara, giant cigarette and whatever else, I finally decided to check the movie out for myself a few nights ago. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was very different from what I thought it would be, in a good way. I liked it a lot — I laughed, I got sad, I fell in love with the characters.

And, of course, like every other girl in the dorms, I fell a little bit in love with everything Audrey Hepburn/Holly Golightly wore. The dresses! The coats! The skirts! The jewelry! She always looked beautiful, but she made it look so effortless. I just wanted to steal her entire wardrobe.

The next morning, I woke up feeling completely inspired. I took a cue from a simple outfit from the movie that I couldn’t find a picture of because you only see it for a short time: the day she goes to the library with Paul in that awesome reddish pea coat, she wears a polo tucked into a pencil skirt. I didn’t quite want to go all the way to a pencil skirt for my campus job, but I at least put on a formal skirt.

It’s a shamefully amateur attempt, I know, but it made me smile, and all of my coworkers loved it, too (“What are you dressed up for?” “Oh, nothing, just saw ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ last night!”). I don’t think anyone would look at this outfit and say, “Oh, totally inspired by Audrey Hepburn,” but I think I got the overall concept I took away from admiring how she dressed: You don’t need to wait for a formal occasion to break out your formal skirt, and even a basic day should be an opportunity to dress up a little. If Holly Golightly can dress up to go to the library, I can dress up to go to class.


How to wear Oxfords? (And a happy ‘first!’)

I’m a shameless complimenter. If I like something a stranger is wearing, I always make a point of saying so. In a restaurant? Sure. Elevator? Why not? Walking across campus? Always. Even if I’m on the phone? Yup.

I’ve been doing it for years, but I’ve never been complimented by a stranger before. Last week, it finally happened! I was walking across our campus quad, and a girl broke off her phone conversation to tell me she liked my outfit. It completely made my day — it was nice to be on the other end of something I always do.

So, the outfit. I bought a pair of Oxfords a few weeks ago, partially because I needed flat-yet-formal shoes to run around in while reporting but mostly just because I wanted a pair. Unfortunately, I did what I always do: I bought a “trendy” item, then got home and realized I had no idea how to wear it. I turned to the internet for help and came up with the outfit below.

Most of the “How to wear Oxfords” articles I read said to wear them with “feminine clothing,” to balance the menswear feel of the shoes. Doesn’t get any more feminine than a dress, right? I added a floral necklace, too, and tights for warmth. I really liked the end result — it was super comfortable, and I didn’t think it strayed too far from my usual look. I test-drove the outfit while I was home on winter break, hence the “in-my-backyard” photo, and wore it on campus for the first time last week. I’ll definitely wear this again.

Last night, I broke out the Oxfords again for a party. I was really tired of wearing jeans and boots everywhere, but it was too cold and raining for a skirt and bare legs, so I went a little crazy and tried to put together a shorts-and-tights outfit for the first time.

I had to send a picture to my sister before I actually wore this out in public (“Is this an outfit?”),  but she approved, and I was decently happy with it as well. I’d go with a fitted t-shirt in the future — this one was essential to the party’s theme — but the concept works. It was great to wear, too — I felt like I was dressed up enough to be at a party, but it was super comfortable, too.

Do you wear Oxfords? I put these outfits together, but I still mostly have no idea what to do. Let me know how you wear yours! Cheers.

Shopping win, and a shoe acquisition

We have several Marshalls stores in my area, but I don’t visit them very often — I’ve always had trouble understanding their organizational system, and stores I don’t understand make me nervous. But I’ve been on the hunt for new shoes, and Jean from Extra Petite posted a few weeks back that TJ Maxx/Marshalls is good for “chic shoes in extended sizes,” so I thought I’d give it a try. Turns out I’m taking Jean’s advice on everything from here on out, because I struck gold at Marshalls. Not shoes, but still gold.

Because I am your standard college student, I live in jeans. Unfortunately, I never seem to find jeans that fit me well. In the past few years, I have found two styles that I’m happy with: Old Navy’s The Flirt Skinny, which no longer exists, and Levi’s 524 Boot Cut, which runs about $46 a pair at Carson’s, a store that doesn’t let you apply coupons toward Levi’s. I thought I had found a great deal Monday, when I found a pair at Kohl’s, where I could use a coupon and get them for $34.

Marshalls today? $16.99. And in a better wash, too. I almost fell over. I bought two pairs, thinking I can get one altered for heels and one for flats.

$16.99 darker-wash pair from Marshalls, left; $46 ($34 with coupon) pair from Kohl's, right.

So yeah, that made my day.

Then, success part 2: I found a pair of shoes at the Famous Footwear next door. My shoe priority was a pair of black shoes that looked nice but were easy to run around in (a.k.a. journalist shoes). I had planned to just get new flats, but I found Oxfords in my size on the clearance rack, and I couldn’t pass them up.

I’ve wanted Oxfords for a long time, and I’m so glad I finally found a pair! Admittedly, I’m not sure how to wear them with anything other than pants, so I’d love some advice there. I want to try them with dress shorts — any tips? Also, I instinctively bought normal black laces to dress them up, but the ribbons are quickly growing me. Should I keep them?

Anyway, I didn’t get around to the hours-long mall adventure I had planned for the day, but I had a pretty successful 2-hour trip. Cheers.

Oxfords: Hot Kiss Oxy in black, sz 5.

Finally joining the Color Brigade!

One of my favorite fashion blogs is Cute & Little, by Kileen. Kileen is one seriously stylish person — I’m always impressed by the beautiful outfits she puts together! Even her casual days are worlds more sophisticated than my dress-to-impress days. It’s amazing.

Kileen runs the Color Brigade. I’m not sure exactly what the history of it is, but it’s a weekly feature on her blog. Here’s the challenge: Wear an outfit that combines at least 3 colors (patterns count as one color). I always love the outfits, and I’ve been meaning to join in for months. But every week Monday rolls around and something happens — I oversleep, I have to wear something specific for whatever reason, I get lazy and wear something basic. You all have seen my struggles with color.

This week, I was determined to do it! I woke up Monday ready to go… and realized I had woken up late and still needed to finish a homework assignment before getting to work. So. That ended up being a uniform polo day.

But today, today, I finally did it!

Oddly enough, this outfit started with the gold tank top. It was a work day, so I was aiming for black and gold, and I had planned to wear the tank top with a plain black skirt and a black cardigan. But I had my plain black skirt on the same hanger as this tiny-floral patterned one, so I thought I’d switch it up and make it more interesting. Then I spotted this pinkish cardigan next to my black one and guessed it might work with pink flowers in the skirt. I ran it by my roommate, just to make sure I didn’t look dumb, and she approved it. Ta dah! My first Color Brigade outfit.

Close-up on the skirt pattern. I don't know why it's so brown here! It's a black skirt with pink and gold flowers.

I wish I had had the time to put some more effort into this outfit, and to take some better pictures, but it’s not a bad start! Here’s hoping I can pull it off again next week. Cheers.

P.S. — No posts over the weekend because I traveled home and had occasion to make some questionable fashion decisions — I refuse to put effort into looking nice for dentist appointments, because nothing good comes out of dentist visits, and I may or may not have broken out the old letterman jacket while attending an event for my high school. Whoops. But, I managed to throw on an uncharacteristic amount of color for my drive back to school! Look at this. I had a bright green shirt that matched a stripe or two on my beloved Missoni flats, and coordinated with a tank top in another shoe-stripe color. Not a black cardigan in sight, either 🙂 Maybe there’s hope for me after all.

Not even college names on t-shirts can escape the retouching tool of my Internet paranoia.

Remixing (Like a boss)

Hello beautiful people! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sorry. You know I love you. It’s just that time of year: the last few weeks of school. If all goes well, I’ll be heading home May 8. If not, May 11. Worst case scenario, May 13. Let’s hope for the 8th, right? I need to get out of here! I love my school, but the papers and projects and general drama are dragging me down.

I haven’t been blogging for two reasons. The first is, as I just said, the crazy-business. The second is that I just have not been dressing well lately! It has rained here for almost a week straight, and I just cannot bring myself to dress well in the rain. It’s been a parade of solid tanks and black cardigans, solid polos, lazy things. After going most of the semester sans hoodies, I’ve had two hoodie days this week. I’ve barely even worn necklaces or earrings. I did manage a super cute Easter outfit, but was too busy celebrating with friends to get a picture. So, I guess I haven’t been blogging because I haven’t been proud of what I’ve worn. I’m sorry!

But, I made up for it big time yesterday. Yesterday was my last real shift at my job/class, so I wanted to dress up even more than I usually do. I took advantage of the cloudy-but-not-rainy day and broke out the pencil skirt I bought in February. Topped it with my cute LOFT blouse and a cardigan for warmth, and finished it off with a belt and wedges (can’t run around my job in heels!). The end result? I think I managed what I’ve been working toward for months: Dressing like a grown-up.

And then! I work 12-hour shifts, and I knew I wouldn’t last the whole time in a pencil skirt, so I threw a pair of jeans in my bag. Untuck the shirt, belt the cardigan, and you have a whole new outfit!

I am seriously so proud of both of these outfits. The ruffly blouse, the pencil skirt, the belted cardigan — all looks that I would never have tried on my own, and a definite step out of my usual dressing habits. But I’ve been so inspired by my favorite petite fashion bloggers — Jean at Extra Petite, Kelly at Alterations Needed, Jess at Stylepint and Kileen at Cute and Little are my current idols — that I wanted to try some things that I thought they would wear. I’m sure they’d look a billion times better, with colors and accessories and actual heels and the like, but for a college kid, it’s not a bad start.

I wish I lived somewhere I could wear outfits like this to work every day. Maybe next year!

Skirt: H &M. Belt: Macy’s (came with the dress from this post). Blouse: LOFT. Cami: Forever 21. Cardigan: LOFT. Jeans: Target. Wedges: Payless.

Oh my gracious, we broke 100.

Guys, there were 111 views on this site on March 25. I am absolutely stunned. I have been averaging about 15 a day since we got started. Before this, the top day was 53, which was impressive to me. 111 blows that out of the water.

I’m guessing the spike was due to my participation in the Petite Fashion Challenge, so I’m not expecting the numbers to stay this high, but I hope they do! Tell me, those of you who are just popping by: What can I do to make you stay? What would you like to see?

I’m probably making a bigger deal out of this than it actually is, but this is still extremely exciting to me. I feel like we need to celebrate somehow. What should we do? Should I show you some random pretty photos? Do you want my chocolate chip cookie recipe? Because my chocolate chip cookies are pretty much perfection.

I’m in such a good mood right now, you guys don’t even know. I started this blog just for kicks, to give me something to take my mind off the hell I am going through with classwork this semester. To have 111 views in one day, less than a month into the blog, just gives me so much joy. Thanks for making it happen.

Tiny Find: Old Navy’s Skinny Cropped Pants

I know there’s a serious niche out there for petite fashion blogs. I’m 4’11”, size 0, so those blogs have a special place in my heart — I read them pretty often. I wouldn’t try to start one of my own, because so many others are already doing it so well — I love Alterations Needed, Extra Petite and Stylepint.

But still, once in a while, I’m going to find something that makes me really happy as a small person, and I’m going to post about it. It is so, so rare for me to find pants that fit perfectly without needing to be shrunk or shortened, so when I do, like I did today, it’s an exciting event.

Today’s find is Old Navy’s Skinny Cropped Pants. I grabbed a pair because I saw “cropped” and thought they might be close to decent — Old Navy’s pants are usually too long on me, but short enough that I can get away with rolling or cuffing them. When I tried these on, I almost fell over. They are, without exaggeration, a perfect fit.

They’re decent, wear-to-work material, and they come in black and gray. The leg is nicely fitted, not too tight but not baggy, and they’re just the right length to wear with flats. Plus, at $35 and no need to blow an extra $10 on alterations, they’re a steal. I might go back and buy another pair.

For your benefit, front and back views here. Sorry for the wonky alignment, the low photo quality and the wrinkly pants, but you get the idea.


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