Checking in

I haven’t posted in forever! I know! I’m sorry! I’ve been very busy. I went to a film festival, I turned 21, I went out dancing, I’ve done a lot of things at work, I’ve been taking midterms, I’ve been watching a lot of college basketball. I’m also leaving for Europe in 3 days. It’s a busy time! But give me two weeks and I’ll be on Spring Break, and I have plenty of fun posts I’ve been saving up for you. I promise.

To hold you over, here’s a very pretty picture of some redwood trees I saw near Santa Cruz, Calif. this summer.


Oh my gracious, we broke 100.

Guys, there were 111 views on this site on March 25. I am absolutely stunned. I have been averaging about 15 a day since we got started. Before this, the top day was 53, which was impressive to me. 111 blows that out of the water.

I’m guessing the spike was due to my participation in the Petite Fashion Challenge, so I’m not expecting the numbers to stay this high, but I hope they do! Tell me, those of you who are just popping by: What can I do to make you stay? What would you like to see?

I’m probably making a bigger deal out of this than it actually is, but this is still extremely exciting to me. I feel like we need to celebrate somehow. What should we do? Should I show you some random pretty photos? Do you want my chocolate chip cookie recipe? Because my chocolate chip cookies are pretty much perfection.

I’m in such a good mood right now, you guys don’t even know. I started this blog just for kicks, to give me something to take my mind off the hell I am going through with classwork this semester. To have 111 views in one day, less than a month into the blog, just gives me so much joy. Thanks for making it happen.

Social Networking (Like a Boss)

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Sorry for that ugly text, but it’s necessary to get this blog up and running across the web.

I started here on WordPress because it’s a platform I’m familiar with, so I opted to stick with it. As I’ve learned more about different sites, though, I’ve discovered that more people are using Blogspot or Blogger, so it’s hard for us to follow each other.

Someone with IFB pointed me toward Bloglovin, so I’ve set that up — click the button in the sidebar to follow!

I am also now on Twitter, which is always a party.

I tried getting on Google Friend Connect, but alas, that’s not available on WordPress. Disappointing.

So, I’m networking like a pro. Is there any other system I should be using?

Follow me! And, as always, link me to your site and I’ll return the favor.




I got an exciting e-mail today: I’ve been approved for membership in the IFB, or the Independent Fashion Bloggers! I applied right after I started this blog because I know a lot of blogging is building up a network of other blogger friends, but I thought I would get rejected — I have less than a week’s worth of posts to my name, and none of it is very good. But I’m in! I got the e-mail in class and had to stifle a happy dance.

I’m probably being delusional here, but I’m hoping this acceptance might bring me a few followers, or at least readers. Are you there, readers? I would love to hear from you!

If you’re a blogger who just found my blog, I would love any advice you have as I continue working out my basic blog style. Are my entries too long? Too wordy? Cheesy? Formal? Too much me, too little style?

How do you feel about the pictures? I know they’re terrible, but that can’t be helped — this is a secret project in my everyday life, so I’m dependent on whatever I can get with my auto-timer or the one friend who’s in on the secret. My camera is basic and my dorm is a less-than-glamorous setting, but I do what I can. Does it bother you to not have my face in the pictures or can you live with that? If I post a picture of a pair of shoes, would you rather I talk about the shoes before or after the picture?

I’m very much a beginning blogger, and even more of a beginning fashion blogger, so if you have ideas, send them my way! I will, of course, return the favor and look at your blog, too.


Grammar and Style: A Manifesto

Hello beautiful people,

Welcome to Grammar and Style, the fashion blog by a girl whose life is more grammar than glamour.

I’ll tell you up front that I am not, by any means, a fashion expert. If you are here looking for something fancy, I’m sorry to let you down. That’s not really something that I’m capable of.

But do you want some basic tips? Do you just not feel like deciding what to wear today and want someone to tell you? Do you want to see outfits that you don’t need to be stylish to wear? Then come on in. Let’s have a good time.

Like I said, I’m no fashion pro. I spent nine years rocking the plaid skirt and polo uniform day in and day out. When I hit high school, I was so thrilled to be out of a uniform that I wore jeans and hoodies for most of my freshman year. I didn’t learn how to wear eyeliner properly until I was 18.

Still, though, I manage to look put-together. My roommate once told me, “When I get dressed, I think, ‘Well, I have a top and a bottom.’ But you always manage to look like you’re wearing an outfit!” That’s kind of what I aim for. I don’t know how to toss on six layers and four necklaces and knee-high socks and not look like I am very confused, but I’m pretty good at managing the basics.

Over my winter break, I decided I wanted to try to learn more about ‘style’ proper. I spent a lot of time browsing fashion blogs, looking for help, but I didn’t find much that I could use in my everyday life. Cheaper versions of runway outfits are cool, but do you have any outfits I can wear to class? I don’t know if I can handle mixing patterns, can you teach me new ways to wear the patterns I have?

I was required to start a blog for a class back in January, and I found that it was way easier than I thought it would be. So, with my newfound ability to blog and my desire to have a fashion blog I could use, I decided to start Grammar and Style.

Why Grammar and Style? I spent two weeks trying to come up with a name, but the second I thought of Grammar and Style I knew it was perfect. “Glamour and Style” would be a great fashion blog, but “Grammar and Style” so very well suits who I am. I am not a fashionista; I am a copy editor. My life revolves around punctuation, not accessories. Grammar and style are the two things writers and editors always worry about, so I thought, why not? Why not take those two words that I live by and tweak them so the “style” stands for putting your clothes together the right way instead of putting your words together the right way?

I think there are two main types of people who read fashion blogs: People who know nothing about fashion and people who know everything about fashion.

To those of you who know nothing: Awesome, me too. We’re about on the same level, so you should be able to look at what I do and do nearly the same thing with whatever is in your closet. Do you need help with something? Drop me a message and I’ll do what I can to help you out.

To those of you who know everything: Please, stick around and help the rest of us learn. I’m occasionally going to post things along the lines of, “Okay, I know this is a big thing, but HOW DO I WEAR IT?” “I wore this atrocious outfit today, how do I make it better?” I am open to anything and everything you have to say.

Blogging is the next big thing because it’s a conversation. I’m not going to lecture at you about style; I’m just going to show you what I’m doing, and you can take from or add to it however you please. Let’s just have fun, yes? Good.

PS. I know we want to be friends. However, I do not have the luxury of having a common name I can use on the Internet and go undetected. If I put my name on here, my professors find out that I’m less boring than I pretend to be. We can’t have that, can we? So for now I’m going with MG (for M. Grammarystyle, of course) because I’m awful at coming up with nicknames for myself. I’ll leave that in your hands.

PPS. “Wait, why grammarystyle?” grammarandstyle was taken, okay? I’m a Spanish major. grammarystyle was the natural next option.