How to pretend your flats fit

This post comes to you inspired by the wonderful Kelly of Alterations Needed. Kelly had a great post last week, “Faking Fit,” in which she gave advice on how to take items that don’t fit exactly right and make them look like they fit great. They’re genius tips, and simple, too — rolling up long sleeves, pushing up blazer sleeves to balance wide shoulders, putting cardigans over ill-fitting shirts, etc.

I managed to snag a pair of Missoni for Target flats back in September, but after only a few days of wear, the soles broke down and I had to get them resoled. To add insult to injury, the shoes stretched out somewhere in the resoling process, so I have trouble keeping them on my feet, especially when wearing them with tights. I’ve been dealing with it, taking tiny steps and walking slowly so I don’t randomly lose my shoes. But yesterday, inspired by Kelly’s post, I thought, “There has to be a way I can make this better.”

On Sunday, a friend told me that she about stuffs her pointy-toed heels with cotton balls to make them fit better. I wondered if I could pull off the same thing with my flats. I put four cotton balls in the toe of each shoe, and, sure enough, it worked! The cotton pushed my foot back just far enough to make the fit more snug.

Top, without cotton balls; Bottom, with cotton balls. See the difference right at the back?

It wasn’t a totally flawless fix. As the day wore on, my feet slid around a little more because the cotton packed together and took up less space; I’ll probably try five or six cotton balls next time. Also, because the flats are low-cut to begin with and the cotton pushes my foot back, I ended up showing a lot more “toe cleavage,” if you will, than I think is attractive.

"I need to ask you to cover some of that toe cleavage. That's just obscene."

Still, given the choice between “You can see too much of my toes!” and “You can see my entire foot because my shoe just fell off in the middle of the street!”, I will definitely take the former. All in all, this is a great trick! Definitely give it a try next time you’re struggling to keep your flats on. Cheers.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alterations Needed
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 12:06:32

    I can’t believe the sole of those shoes came apart after only a few days of wear! Tisk tisk Target! Very creative fix to an unfortunate shoe stretching! I wonder if you could get similar results (that don’t move around as the day goes on) with heel liners and ball of foot pads. The ball of foots pads might make the toe box a little tighter, but your feet won’t slide forward in your shoes. =)


    • MG
      Feb 10, 2012 @ 12:10:56

      I tried heel liners right when I first noticed the problem (after reading your post about “the secrets your heels hide!”), but they didn’t help much. I might give the ball of foot pads a try next — cotton balls are a great quick fix, but they definitely won’t do me any good if I ever try to use that trick on a rainy day!


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