Genius tip: How to remove glitter nail polish

You guys remember the crazy glitter nails I did for New Year’s Eve, right?

They were a pain and a half to paint on, but fun to wear, and I loved them. But, when they finally chipped enough that it was time to take the polish off, I learned an annoying truth: Nail polish that is a pain and a half to put on will more often than not be a pain and a half to take off. Glitter is stubborn! I spent about 20 minutes and 5 cotton balls on one hand, and this was still the best I could do.

The photo doesn’t do it justice; there was shredded cotton everywhere, my skin was dried out from the polish remover and my nails were scratched where I tried, unsuccessfully, to scrape the polish off. That last bit of glitter wasn’t going anywhere. Desperate and out of cotton balls, I tweeted, “Things that are impossible: removing glitter nail polish. Any tips?” Before long, I had a reply from my follower Stephanie (@Sn0wf1ake123): “Douse cotton ball in acetone remover, secure to nail with wrapped tin foil, wait 3-5 minutes, then twist/pull off everything!”

I was skeptical. I had read about this trick before, some sites suggesting variations including felt or straight acetone, but I was hesitant to try it. Just sounded ridiculous! But I trust my Twitter community, so I gave it a try.

I dug felt out of my old craft bin, got nail polish remover all over my sink and sat on my couch watching CSI with my hands looking like this:

Try explaining this one to your dad.

And, you know what? It worked! I didn’t leave them wrapped for long — just the time between CSI commercial breaks — and they turned out like this:

All gone! So, thanks, Stephanie. Next time I wear glitter polish, I’ll definitely do this before I run out of cotton balls. Cheers.


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