Investigating mystery-color nail polishes: Forever 21 Blue/Green

For the most part, nail polish is pretty straightforward. For example, it’s easy to go to the store and look at a bottle and say, “That’s a red.” You might not know how deep the red will be on your nail, how clear or opaque it is, how much it will glitter in the sunlight or other details, but you know, for sure, that it’s red.

One in a while, though, you stumble across a color like this one:

I spotted this polish sitting next to the register at Forever 21, and it just intrigued me. It’s labeled “Blue/Green,” but what color is it, really? Is it blue? Green? Purple? My camera added the gold shade to the photo, but otherwise, all of those colors are in there. I wondered how it would look on nails, and I figured that for $2.80 I could take it home and find out.

The result? Just as interesting as it is in the bottle.

This photo hardly captures the color. In regular indoor light, it’s a teal, a blue-green, true to its name. In dim light, or reflected in a computer screen, the purple shines through. I can’t stop looking at my nails, because they’re different every time I look at them! Call me easily impressed, but, well, I am.

There’s no “Blue/Green” available on F21’s site, but judging by the photos, the site’s “Jade” looks like the right polish. However, there have also been different shades sold with the “Jade” name, so be careful. Your best bet would probably be to go try to find it in the store. Who knows? You could stumble upon some other mystery shade. Let me know how it goes. Cheers.


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