Style Resolutions for 2012

Because, why not? I saw my personal style and style habits grow and change a bit in 2011, and I’d like to continue that into 2012.

  1. Continue learning how to dress like a grown-up. I’m still in the school-and-internships phase of my life, but I need to start dressing for real jobs, too. I’ve gotten good at dressing up my jeans, with blazers and heels and the like, but I want to get more into pencil skirts and other more mature options.
  2. Branch away from jeans. On a related note, I’m wayyyy too dependent on jeans. Too often, I find myself wearing the same two pairs of jeans every other day. I’d like to experiment with dresses/skirts and tights, khakis, corduroy, dress pants, even just colored denim. Variety is good.
  3. Accessorize more. I own a lot of necklaces and earrings and scarves, but, like my jeans, I wear the same few items every day. Mix it up! (This includes nail polish, too!)
  4. Wear more color. I love color, but I’ve developed the lazy habit of wearing black or gray with everything. Gotta break out of that!
  5. Shop smarter. I’ve got some questionable spending habits. “This isn’t really what I want, but it fits, so good enough.” “I don’t know if I’ll wear this, but it’s trendy, so I should own it.” “This is kind of weird, but it’s on sale, so I can’t pass it up.” Stop that! You know better.

So, those are my resolutions. Any advice to help me on my way toward them? What are some of yours?


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