Boots, Skirts and Fuzzy Socks

I’m back, guys! We’ll see how long it lasts. New Year’s Resolution: Blog. Right.

Seriously, though, I’m going to try to start this up again. Why not? I’m home on winter break, so I have some free time to write and actually dress nice. I’m starting my stress!job again next semester, so I’ll need this blog for sanity’s sake again. And, an even more compelling reason to make this good: I finally took the leap of showing this to someone in my “real life.” My little sister and I read the same fashion blogs, so I made the decision to let her in on mine. Have to keep it cool so she doesn’t laugh at me too much 😉

Today’s outfit started with a pair of boots. If you guys have been reading my blog from the beginning (which, okay, you probably haven’t, but let’s roll with that), you know that a) I have a pair of black knee-high boots that I adore and b) I have absolutely no idea how to wear them with anything other than skinny jeans. I think the problem is the attitude of the boots. They’re kind of tough, if you will — I’ve had more than one friend refer to them as my “hooker boots,” which is never a good thing — and I don’t know how to wear them with skirts or dresses. So, I wanted a pair of “softer” boots, wearable with skirts and dresses, and I wanted them to be brown, because I’ve never had brown boots. After a long search, I found my perfect pair at Target.

They’re tall but slouchy, brown but not cowgirl. I love them.

Once I had the boots, it was no time at all before I learned to wear them with skirts and tights. It just feels easy, you know? Today’s outfit is one of my current favorites (and my fashionista sister liked it, too!). I picked up this sweater with the skirt-tights-boots combo in mind. I like the way the off-white in the sweater pairs with the off-white tights.

I think I might go with my lighter denim skirt next time, just for a better contrast to the navy sweater, but it works for now.

Just for kicks: A confession, and a thought. Confession: I wear fuzzy socks under my boots. Why not? They’re warm. They’re soft. They’re comfortable. They keep my tights from getting too worn out. And, you know, no one can see them, so no big deal, right?

So here’s the thought. I do this. My friends all do this. Everyone I have talked to who wears boots has confessed to doing this at some point. Do any of you do this? And, more importantly, do you think there are famous people who do this? I can’t get the thought of Kate Middleton or Kim Kardashian or Katy Perry or some other celebrity walking around with fuzzy socks in her boots. Crazy or not, it makes me smile. Cheers.

Boots: Target Mossimo Kailey Tall Boots in brown, sz 5 1/2 (also available in black, gray, taupe and navy). Sweater: Forever 21 Patterned Knit Sweater, sz S. Skirt: Old Navy (old). Tights: Forever 21 (old). Socks: Old Navy Chenille Cozy Socks (Stripes out of stock, but star-patterned socks here).


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