Did you forget how to wear color?

I’ve had a busy week with some uninspired outfits, so I haven’t been doing regular outfit posts. Looking back at the past few days, though, I noticed a trend: I wore almost no color this week.

Monday: Gray top and jeans, though points for trying with the pink shoes. (Outfit originally posted here)

Tuesday: Black top, jeans, black sandals.

Wednesday: Black tank top, gray cardigan, jeans, pewter shoes. (Flashback: almost the exact outfit I wore in one of my first posts, back on March 8!)

Thursday: Hard to tell, but the cardigan’s navy with black detailing. Still, dark cardigan, black tank, jeans, black shoes.

And today I’m in my black uniform polo for work. Ack! At least I’m rocking my Missoni flats today for some color.

Seriously! I do wear black a lot because it’s a school color and I work for my school. Still, there’s no reason to go a whole week with barely any color! I might need to start up Colleen’s Color Rotation Challenge again just to get out of this boring pattern. I think I stick to neutrals because they’re easy, but I know color can be just as easy, too — I like wearing color, when I remember to! Here’s hoping I can get a better color spread next week. Cheers!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Colleen McCloskey (@SmilinColleen)
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 07:21:04

    You do wear a lot of black and gray. You should definitely start up the challenge. You don’t need me to do it. I think November 1 I will start it but you’d have to wait all month.


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