Rockin’ the ruffles

I had my first exam of the year Monday, which is surprising given that it’s late September, but I’m in a lot of classes that focus more on work or discussion than testing. After spending about 12 hours studying Sunday and getting up early Monday to study while working my morning shift, I didn’t feel like putting actual effort into my clothes, but I still had to look decent for my evening shift. Solution? One of my standby outfits  from my summer job: the ruffle shirt.

I like ruffled shirts because I think they make getting dressed easy in that I don’t feel obligated to accessorize with them. Yes, I’ve got a wide expanse of bare neckline up there, but I also have a huge ruffle down my front — that should suffice, right? If had had more time, I would have grabbed a pair of big earrings, which usually makes up for the lack of necklace without competing with the ruffles.

I had really planned to participate in Kileen’s Color Brigade this week, but I didn’t plan ahead enough. The rules require at least three colors, and though some would argue I did fine with gray, white and pink, I want to hold myself to the challenge of three colors. I’ll get it next week!

On a related note, how much do I love my pink shoes? So much. They’re low wedge sandals that a friend talked me into buying on a trip to Target in May, and I’m so glad I caved. They’re perfect for tossing on with a neutral-laden outfit like this one. It took me a while to stop instinctively reaching for my black wedges every day, but now that I’ve grown comfortable wearing these, I can’t go back! These were probably the gateway purchase to my Missoni flats, actually. Cheers.

PS — Photo experimentation continues. Is blurring out the top half of the face more or less creepy than blurring out the whole face?


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  1. H. E. Lexus
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 05:38:41

    Looks good. 😉


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