Where have you been?

Surprise, everyone! I’m still here. I know it’s been a while, and I apologize. Let me explain myself.

Random photo of an ocean sunset invites you to follow the jump!

I started this blog last semester while I was going a bit crazy struggling with a class. I needed a distraction, and this blog was it. I never told any of my family or friends about it, and it became my escape. I spent hours of every day producing work for school, but for the one hour I spent writing my blog post, I didn’t have to please anyone but myself. And it was so much fun! Sneaking around campus trying to subtly take pictures with my autotimer, searching for unoccupied dorm lounges for quick shots, hastily switching Firefox tabs every time my roommate walked by my computer. Not to mention getting to know the awesome petite blogging community! Loved it.

When the semester ended, it seemed like an okay time to stop blogging. I had a beyond fantastic summer, and I kept myself too busy for email, let alone a blog.

But now a new semester is starting, and though I’m not stressed anymore, I want my blog back. I’m back on campus, seeing people’s outfits again, putting together my own outfits again, buying new shoes and remixing tank tops to transition from work to band practice. So, here I am. It’s going to be sporadic, but I hope I can put together at least three decent posts every week. We’ll see how it goes.

No specific outfit post today, because I’ve got a post in mind that’s going to include outfits from several different days. Instead, I’m throwing in a few photos from my summer (I took the one at the top, too!).

You may or may not remember that I’m a Midwestern girl, born and raised in Chicago, at school in Missouri. I spent the summer somewhere completely different: California’s Central Coast. Oh, my goodness. I think a few of you are Californians, and after ten weeks in the state, I understand why. It’s simply fantastic, with so many fun things to do and beautiful places to see.

I had a 40-hour-a-week internship, so it wasn’t all fun and games, and though I was pretty proud of how successfully I managed to dress for my first real-person job, I didn’t take pictures. But I did do a lot of traveling on my weekends, from L.A. to San Francisco to Santa Cruz and more, so I have a few pictures. Lots of familiar clothes, if you’ve read my blog before, but new places in the background!

Visiting a winery! My favorite thing about California was having mountains everywhere you look.

Standing in front of the Pacific Ocean on the Fourth of July.

In one of the many valleys of Highway 101, just north of Santa Barbara. Beautiful stretch of road.

(Yup, still doing the blurry-face thing, or cropping my head out entirely. If I ever get a good enough readership, I’ll go public, but this is me for now!)

So, I’m back! There you go. Now, tell me: What do you want to see? I’m already planning to use this as a more varied personal blog — not like a diary, but just with pictures of things I bake and such, too — but I can be reader-oriented, too, because I’m a journalist and that’s what we do. Want tips on places to see in California or Chicago, or just more photos? Baking ideas? Grammar advice? I can do whatever, it’s all fun for me. Let me know! Cheers.


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