All shades of ridiculous

Yesterday was cold. Like, 40s for a good portion of the day. This is Missouri weather, as we have seen time and time again. Hot, cold, sunny, rainy, all in the space of a week or less.

I got lucky for most of the day — I had to be in a band uniform, which meant I was allowed to break the No Pants Challenge and layer up my pants. For the night, though, I was supposed to go to a party with the friend in charge of the challenge, so there was no escaping going pantsless.

It was a conundrum. I have dresses that I can wear with tights, but either a) the dress was dirty, b) the tights were dirty, c) I had already brought the relevant items home for the winter, or d) it was an outfit that required heels, and I was headed to a very laid-back party.

I think shoes were my biggest problem. My black flats just gave up life, I wasn’t in the mood for heels or wedges and sandals were out of the question. So, that just left my black boots. In the 5 minutes, I had to change, I tried very hard to assemble a non-ridiculous outfit that would include the boots, tights and a skirt. The result, as I told my roommate, was me looking “all shades of ridiculous.”

I honestly don’t like anything about this outfit, because it is so very not me. The short skirt and the boots and the tights and just ugh. I like the gray tank and the black cardigan, but I would have rather worn it with a pair of sandals and a black skirt. I think the outfit might have even been okay with flats, had I had them. But as it was, I didn’t really like the outfit. Boo. What do you think of this? How could I have made it better?

Oh, and the best part? I got to the party and my challenge-setting friend was in jeans. Does that mean I win?

Cardigan, skirt — Kohl’s. Tank — Banana Republic. Boots — Local boutique. Necklace — American Eagle. Tights — Stolen from little sister!


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