LBD — With Rainboots.

As I said yesterday, today is day 1 of my friend’s No Pants Challenge. The rules, should you decide you want to join in:

  1. No pants. No jeans, slacks, whatever. If they’re kind of pants, don’t wear them.
  2. Leggings are not pants; therefore, leggings are okay. Shorts are not pants, either, so they’re fine too. Just no more than 3 times a week.
  3. If you have to run or play sports or other shorts/pants-mandating activities, fine, wear them, but wear them while you need them, then put a dress on!

It officially begins today, April 15, and goes to the end of our school year, May 13. Let’s see how long I can make it!

Of course, the challenge began on a day when there was rain in the forecast. I kind of whined about this — “Can’t we make an exception so I can wear skinny jeans and boots when it rains?” — but I was told to “Be a woman and wear a dress.” So.

Fortunately, I have a causal dress that matches my rainboots! I added a pair of black knee-hi socks (wasn’t in the mood for tights, but I wanted something else showing above the boots), and a gold necklace and bangles to dress it up for work, and I think the end result is pretty decent.

Not the cutest thing in the world, I know, but it could have been worse, too (I could have given up and worn pants!). How do you go pantsless on rainy days? What can I do next time?

Also: I worked my ‘tour guide’ job at school today, and one of the dads on the tour told me my boots were “awesome.” Love it.

Dress and bangles: Forever 21. Necklace, boots and socks: Target.


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