Yesterday was an adventure. I had cleared my schedule and designated it the official shopping day of “Operation ‘Dress Like a Grown-Up.'” I ended up spending a total of 7.5 hours shopping, about 6 of them at my mall. This is a complete record for me — I kind of hate shopping, because I have trouble finding things that fit — but it went fairly well. I got some things I’ve needed for a while (cropped denim jacket! white blouse!) and some good work-appropriate tops, too. I went to a ton of different stores. Some worked (LOFT, Gap, H & M) and some didn’t (I didn’t even make it in the door at Ann Taylor — all I could see were neutrals, so I fled).

What I got:

  • Cropped Denim Jacket
  • One skirt
  • One pair of nice black pants
  • Four blouse-ish tops
  • One casual tank top
  • One cardigan
  • One sweater
  • One pair of shoes
  • One necklace
  • One pair of earrings

Ready to see them? Read on!

Jacket: Gap Cropped Denim Jacket, XS (full price online, but it was on sale in store). My prize find of the day. I have wanted a cropped denim jacket forever, to wear with all of my dresses. This one was on sale for $27. You really can’t beat that. Skirt: Forever 21 Breezy Floral Skirt in Cream/Pink, S (also available in black and navy). My mom bought this for me, actually, which proves that she has better style than I do. You can’t really tell from the photo, but the cut is extremely flattering. (Yes, fine, this is not a “Grown-up” outfit, but I really like it so I put it first. The adult stuff is coming, I promise.)

Top: LOFT Petite Soft Peasant Tee in Coral Glow, XSP (also available in turquoise, brown, green & white). It looks red here, but it’s more of a pinkish-coral color. Skirt: Banana Republic skirt I found at Goodwill the other day, 0.

Top: LOFT Petite Ruffle Neck Blouse, 0P. I’ve been looking for a white blouse, and I like this one. It’s a bit sheer, but with a cami underneath it works fine. Pants: LOFT Petite Marisa Pants, 00P (can’t find on the site, but similar here). They claim they’re supposed to be long, don’t hem them, but they’re about an inch too long on me. Super soft, though.

Cardigan: LOFT Petite Front Pocket Cardigan, XSP (Normally $45 — on sale now for $20! Also in navy online, store had black and brown as well)

Top: New York & Company Ruffle Trim Mercer Tee in Web Gray, XS (also available in black and raspberry). I wanted a ruffled top because my roommate always wears them to work and looks great. This is the best-fitting one I found all day.

Top: H & M Blouse (no online shopping, boo). The photo is terrible, sorry. I promise it’s more flattering in real life.

Sweater: Gap Cable Knit Sweater in Heather Gray, S. I felt silly buying a cable-knit sweater on March 31, practically spring, but it was beautiful and soft and on sale, so I had to have it.

Top: Pacsun Kirra Gauze Braided Strap Babydoll Cami in “Hot Pink,” XS (also available in pink, purple and a purple/blue floral). My one “silly purchase” of the day, but if this doesn’t scream “I’m moving to California,” I don’t know what does.

Accessory finds: Forever 21 Itty bitty Cameo necklace (I made that name up, can’t find it online, but you can get its fancypants big sister necklace here). I also bought Forever 21 Faceted Rhinestone Studs.

Shoe Find: Target Merona Makana Cutout Sliver Wedges in Pewter, 5 1/2 (Also available in red, yellow, blue, white and black. Full price online, but on sale in my store). I love everything about these shoes. The metallic color is cool, and you all know how much I adore wedges. Plus, the way my nail polish shows through cracks me up. I’m wearing a coral-ish shade now, left over from the wedding, but I can’t wait to see how these shoes look with my standard electric blue.

Also: I finally bought the bullet and bought a bikini, but if you think I’m modeling it for you, you don’t know me very well. I can’t figure out how to link to it directly, but if you check out Aerie’s Swim Guide, it’s the navy ruffly eyelet one.

So, that was my shopping extravaganza. I might shop a little bit today, because I’m going into the city, but after that I’m done until summer.

How do you think I did? Did I make good work-wear purchases? What else do I still need?

PS — I’m experimenting with different ways of giving outfit information. This post was loosely modeled after the style over at Extra Petite, with the links and such, but I also like the simpler style of Style Pint. Opinions?


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