Day 11 — Struggles with Orange

I like orange. Really, I do. It’s just that orange, like the scarf, is something that somewhat baffles me, so I avoid it. I actually skipped it the first time through the rotation. Second time, I had to do it.

I only own three orange items: a cami, a tank top and a t-shirt. Exciting, right? I decided to go with the tank top today, because I didn’t pack the cami and it wasn’t warm enough to wear a t-shirt on its own. I have a scarf with orange, so I thought about wearing that, but I decided on my long gold necklace instead — it didn’t feel like a scarf day.

Then came the real challenge: the cardigan. I have the same cropped Kohl’s cardigan in both white and black, and I couldn’t decide which one to wear. I like the black one better — I thought it looked nice with the gold of the necklace, and would go better with my black shoes — but it just felt so wrong, so unforgivably Halloween-ish.

I debated for about half an hour, walking around my house and changing back and forth, asking some people for opinions, too. In the end, peer pressure won — several people said BLACK AND ORANGE IS NOT OKAY OTHER THAN ON HALLOWEEN — and I went with the white one. I was less happy in it, but I didn’t want to risk looking like I forgot what month it is. So sad. What do you think? Is it ever okay to wear black and orange? How can I pull that off?

Like I said yesterday, I’m a bit limited for the next few days because I only have the clothes I packed for break. I was so confused by orange that I actually Googled “what to wear with orange,” just to see what it would suggest. I found this blog post, which, crazily enough, was posted today on “Young Sophisticates.” It suggests wearing orange with hot pink, a color that I am familiar with. So, next time orange comes around, I’m giving that a try.

PS — Look! Pictures in front of something other than a white wall! Now that I’m home for break, in an actual house, we have more options for backdrops. Being a “secret blogger” means I might have some trouble sneaking around taking pictures without my family finding out, but I’ll do what I can.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Colleen McCloskey
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 11:11:21

    I also feel the same about black and orange.

    If it is more of a burnt orange I wear brown.
    If it is bright I use the colors from Stampin’ Ups color family bold brights. OK I mean I would use that but my orange is limited.
    This ebay page shows the colors. It came up early in my search so I didn’t find a better picture.*S%3F&GUID=3e85939c12e0a0aa14a6e216ff7025f6&itemid=360353698516&ff4=263602_304652#ht_2092wt_905


    • MG
      Mar 27, 2011 @ 12:20:51

      Colleen, I love how you use all of your scrapbooking tricks in putting outfits together. That is honestly brilliant.


      • Colleen McCloskey
        Mar 27, 2011 @ 12:22:50

        Thanks. I pretty much thought I was silly.

        Once at a store I didn’t know what matched this one shirt. I said “I know it matches brown because this is like cameo coral and brown is like chocolate chip and they go together” and my friend gave me a weird look like I was crazy.

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