Day 9 — Whoops! Red.

So, I knew today was the first day of rotation 2, because yesterday was pattern day. But, I forgot that we’re supposed to start with pink, and I wore red, because in my brain red is always the first color. Whoops!

I stuck with my stubborn mission to not wear pants on non-rainy days, but I should probably amend that to “no pants on non-rainy and non-windy days.” I had a few close calls.

I’ve had the red sweater for a long time — probably since the beginning of high school. I found a hole in it today, but I’ll most likely keep wearing it anyway. Who really cares, right? The skirt is one of my Old Navy purchases from a few weeks back — a dark-wash chambray with a super cute braided drawstring-type thing. I love that it’s the perfect length — not unattractively long, but still appropriate to wear to school. I’ve always loved the combo of red, white and denim, because I guess some part of me is just a cheesy Midwestern Americana-loving girl.

At least I skipped the red flip-flops and dressed it up with my gold-ish gladiators, a $5 clearance find from Walmart last year. Pro. You can’t tell, but I’m also wearing a necklace with a bitty gold key. I found it at Forever 21 in late February and had to buy it — lock/key jewelry is one of my trademarks (the other? blue toenails. always.). I’ll get a detail shot next time I wear it.

I really like the arrows Colleen’s doing on Scrap and Run now, pointing to each item and saying where it’s from. I don’t have Photoshop, but I think I’m tech-savvy enough to find a way to pull it off. What do you think? Should I give that a try?


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  1. Colleen McCloskey
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 20:33:15

    I almost did the same thing yesterday. And I made the order.

    Link a summary post of round 1 or your favorite outfit from round 1:


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