Day 7 — Practically Purple

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day here. 77 and sunny. On a day like that, you can’t not wear a dress, right?

Lest you think I live in an ugly area where I can’t find a more photogenic place to take pictures than in front of my gray lounge wall, I thought I would take advantage of the beautiful day and get you an outdoor shot. It took some lying — my classmate now thinks I’m doing an outfit photo swap with my out-of-state best friend — but I got it. Look at my scary blurred-out face! I did it partially because I’m internet-paranoid, but also because it was sunny and my face came out gross anyway.

Pretty, isn’t it? That’s next to a creek that runs through a park across from where I work. It’s not exactly the shot I had in mind, but I couldn’t exactly say, “Sorry, I really wanted a shot of the creek to put on my secret fashion blog, can you do it again?” I’m going to work on alternate ways to get pictures so I can do things like this more often.

Anyway, the outfit. I do have a purple-purple dress, but it’s casual and I had to work today. So I went with one that was a little more nice but a little less purple. It’s magenta, my friends tell me, which is close enough. I’ve had this one for several years — a standard cheap Forever 21 buy — but it’s one of my favorites. I love the length, and it has a tie-waist, which is something I always look for in a dress because it actually makes me look like I have curves. Miracle. Stay tuned: You’ll be seeing very similar dresses in black and blue in the weeks ahead.

It’s a sleeveless dress, so for class/work, I threw a black cropped cardigan over it and paired it with my favorite black strappy sandals.

Once I got out of class, though, I went to the look that’s more represented of my warm-weather clothing philosophy: Dress? Always. Shoes? Never. Some people think walking across campus barefoot is gross; I think that shoes should be avoided whenever possible. I like the idea of shoes, they’re cool and all, but given the choice, I’ll always choose barefoot.

Now that the weather’s starting to get nice, I’m pretty much giving up pants. My job last summer entailed 9-hour shifts in full-length khakis in 90 degree weather, so I wore nothing but skirts and dresses on my days off. I love dresses and skirts — they’re easy and pretty and comfortable, and so much more flattering on my legs than shorts are — and so I’m going to wear them as much as possible. If it’s raining, fine, pants, but I’m going to aim for 90% pantsless. Cheers.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Colleen McCloskey
    Mar 22, 2011 @ 22:59:45

    OOO we get to see your hair at least. Maybe one day you won’t even blur the face.
    I like that dress.


    • MG
      Mar 23, 2011 @ 11:06:40

      Someday, Colleen 😉 If I ever get to a point where I have the confidence to tell my friends I’m blogging, I’ll put my name and face out here. For now, though, I’m still an anonymous beginner.


  2. Laurel
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 08:58:41

    Most of my friends don’t even look at my blog, except my best friend who reads it religiously, LOL! I love the sense of community. I did the color rotation, too! Check me out at


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