Tiny Find: Old Navy’s Skinny Cropped Pants

I know there’s a serious niche out there for petite fashion blogs. I’m 4’11”, size 0, so those blogs have a special place in my heart — I read them pretty often. I wouldn’t try to start one of my own, because so many others are already doing it so well — I love Alterations Needed, Extra Petite and Stylepint.

But still, once in a while, I’m going to find something that makes me really happy as a small person, and I’m going to post about it. It is so, so rare for me to find pants that fit perfectly without needing to be shrunk or shortened, so when I do, like I did today, it’s an exciting event.

Today’s find is Old Navy’s Skinny Cropped Pants. I grabbed a pair because I saw “cropped” and thought they might be close to decent — Old Navy’s pants are usually too long on me, but short enough that I can get away with rolling or cuffing them. When I tried these on, I almost fell over. They are, without exaggeration, a perfect fit.

They’re decent, wear-to-work material, and they come in black and gray. The leg is nicely fitted, not too tight but not baggy, and they’re just the right length to wear with flats. Plus, at $35 and no need to blow an extra $10 on alterations, they’re a steal. I might go back and buy another pair.

For your benefit, front and back views here. Sorry for the wonky alignment, the low photo quality and the wrinkly pants, but you get the idea.



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