In which I am baffled by a necklace

In all of my fashion blog-reading adventures, I somehow got the impression that I was supposed to buy a weird necklace. I’m not sure where this idea came from; looking back at the sites I read most, I haven’t found any mention of that anywhere. Original, sure; statement, yes; huge and weird? Nope.

But, anyway, I had that idea in mind when I went shopping a few weeks ago, and found this necklace for $5 at Forever 21.

I’m not sure 100 percent how I feel about this necklace. It’s on a huge chain — I actually have to clip it at about 3/4 its true length — and the part with the charms is about 3.5 inches long. It doesn’t match anything I own, I’m never exactly sure what to wear it with, and yet, I’m strangely fond of it.

Simple outfit today. Blue thin sweater I’ve had for ages (long-sleeved, but I wear them pushed up), skinny jeans, and my short black boots.

My roommate picked the boots out today, actually — I was going to wear my favorite tall ones, but she pointed out that the necklace was flashy, and the boots were flashy, so I should stick to one flashy piece. Listen to your roommates, friends, they’re smarter than you are.

What do you do with a huge, crazy necklace? How do you think I should style mine?


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