ABC (Argyle. Black. Classy.)

(Wow, is that the dumbest name for a post you’ve ever seen? I can’t help myself sometimes. I know there is a line between witty and lame, but I don’t know where it is, so I cross it frequently.)

For one of my classes, I have to get legitimately dressed up every other Tuesday. It’s March now, so I had been hoping to wear a dress today, but I woke up to a cold, gross, rainy day. So, pants and a sweater.

I couldn’t bring myself to wear a heavy sweater, so I stuck with a lighter, cropped one. This gray argyle cardigan is of my favorite sweaters — I wore it for my high school senior pictures! I love argyle, but I own very few actual pieces of argyle clothing (though I’m fairly sure I have argyle socks in every color!). This cardigan cute and flattering and works with a basic black tank top and black slacks or jeans. Dress up, dress down.

I found these wedges at Payless over winter break and loved them so much that I bought them in black and brown. They’re great because they give you the height of heels — always nice when you’re 4’11” — but not impossible to walk miles across campus in.

I’ve worn this outfit before, but I’m never sure: Does the black-on-black of the tank and the slacks work, especially with the gray sweater on top? Would you suggest a colored tank top instead?


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