A milestone: My first scarf outfit

Scarves, to me, have always been a mystery. They’re pretty, and I like the way they look in outfits, but I have no idea what to do with them. How do I wear them? What do I wear them with? How do I know which ones to buy? I have one that I got for Christmas two years ago and have never worn; I shoved it to the back of my closet rather than face the struggle of wearing it.  I see scarves on my best friends, celebrities, strangers, whoever, and I think, “I’m a bright person! Why can’t I master the scarf?”

When I found myself at Old Navy a few weeks ago, standing in front of a big rack of sale scarves, I knew I had to bite the bullet and buy one. I stood there for two minutes, walked away, came back, picked one up, put it down, walked away, came back, picked up another, put it down, grabbed the first one, put it down, picked it up again — honestly, I probably looked like a nutcase. But I finally bought one that was everything I thought I wanted in a scarf: It was a “busy floral” (multiple sources say they’re “in”), full of spring colors, and had string-ish ends (there has to be a technical term for that, yes?).

But… two weeks later, I still haven’t worn it. I’ll blame it on the cold weather, but it’s probably due to my scarf-phobia.

Today, though! I had to work, so I put on my unofficial uniform of jeans and a black shirt with a gold school scarf — I’m employed by my university, so I stick to school gear and colors on work days. It’s fine while I’m on the job, but it looks a bit silly in class, so I was thinking about heading home and changing when this scarf caught my eye during my shortcut through our bookstore.

It was perfect. Floral, but with dark enough colors that I could coordinate it with all the black I wear. String-ish ends. Cheap — only $8. I had it bought and paid for within five minutes.

It went great with what I was already wearing- a plain black long-sleeved T from Old Navy, dark jeans and, of course, my favorite boots. If I had planned my outfit around the scarf to begin with, I would have probably gone with a softer look — short sleeves and flares or a dress, plus flats or wedges — but I like the contrast of the floral scarf and the tough boots, too.

My roommate taught me this cool-looking way to tie scarves:

  1. Start out the usual way: fold it in half and wrap it around your neck, with a loop on one side and the ends on the other.
  2. The trick: only pull one end through the loop right away.
  3. Twist the loop once, then pull the other end through.

That probably made little to no sense. I promise to do a step-by-step post on that soon.

So, in conclusion, I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY WORN A SCARF. I haven’t mastered the art — my other two scarves are still untouched — but it’s a start. Cheers.


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