Raining on my first-day parade

Doesn’t it make perfect sense that the day I start blogging about what I wear, it rains? Rainy days are always interesting because I dress differently from how I do on normal days. Why? Rain boots.

I’m never sure if you’re supposed to coordinate to your rain boots or not. It’s not like you have multiple pairs to wear with whatever outfit, so do you have to make your outfit match the pair you have? Last year, I had black and white boots with a pink lining, so every time it rained I wore the same pink hoodie (and, if it rained two days in a row, the same pink cardigan).

This year, I have an awesome black and white hounds tooth pair. I love them for several reasons, mostly because they match my hounds tooth umbrella, but also because black and white is normally easy to coordinate. Wear a black cardigan with any shirt and you’re set.

I wasn’t feeling the black cardigan today, though. I wanted to wear something different, so I abandoned the whole matchy thing and just got dressed. So rebellious, right?

I love, love, love my blue-and-red striped Forever 21 cardigan. I have a serious weakness for fancy, British-inspired buttons, so when I saw it a few years ago I couldn’t pass it up. I normally pair it with a white shirt, but went I stuck with a red, lace-trimmed cami I got from Aerie a few years ago. With shiny buttons and red lace, I tried to keep the rest pretty basic: skinny jeans, simple gold necklace, small gold hoop earrings. Rain means minimal hair effort — I just tossed on a headband.

One of my favorite tricks I’ve picked up from collegefashion.net in the past few months is wearing tall socks over your jeans when wearing boots. It’s simple and cheap — my socks are one of the pairs of Wal-Mart men’s socks that I usually wear for marching band — but it instantly makes the skinny jeans/rain boots combo look far more put-together.

And, finally, because you can’t survive a rainy day without one: My rain coat. I saw this at Forever 21 over Christmas break last year and love it, but I didn’t buy it because I’m normally a practical shopper, and this was not a practical item. In fact, it’s a lot of things that I normally don’t go for. It’s green, a color I hardly wear; it’s “flouncy,” which I try to avoid; it’s long, which sometimes fits my short frame awkwardly. But it was still in the store when I went back over Spring Break, and I finally caved. A year later, I’m so glad I bought it —everyone compliments me on it, and I walk a little taller wearing it because I think it looks great.

So, question time. Coordinating with your rain boots: Necessary or Unnecessary? Does my houndstooth/stripe thing look like a disaster, or can I claim I’m just trying to follow the mixed prints trend? What outfits do you run for when precipitation’s in the forecast?


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